Appetizer/ Shareables

Deep Fried Gluttony $12

Scratch Mac n Cheese dredged, deep fried, & served with bbq & jalapeño ranch.

Egg rolls $12

Rotating menu. Check with the truck! OUT OF STOCK!

Awesome Nachos $12

Pork or chicken, smashed pintos, chili sauce, creme, pico, & guacamole.

French Fries $5 basket

Make ‘em good with pulled pork, bbq, & garlic creme. $9 Or, smother with green chili!

Truffle Tots $12

Crispy tots tossed in truffle oil, Parmesan, & served with garlic creme.

Brussel Tots $12

Half Tots, half brussel sprouts, fried with jalapeño and tossed in Parmesan & chili oil.

Fried Chicken

Chicken & “Waffles” $14

Fried chicken over deep fried biscuits with a maple-bacon-fig glaze!

Teriyaki glazed fried chicken $14

With crispy tots & pickled Asian slaw, cilantro, scallions and sriracha.

Burgers & Fries

The Fancy Pants $12

1/4 # cheeseburger, brioche bun w/ herbed-cheese aioli, iceberg, tomato, & onion.

The Love Handles $14

The Fancy Pants but add pulled pork and bbq!

The Fatty $16

The Love Handles but add some Deep Fried Mac! Cal: 200............j/k

Tacos & Burritos

Dos Gringos $12

Pork or chicken, pineapple churri, cabbage, scallions, avo sauce. Hot or mild.

Asian Tacos $12

Fried chicken with pickled carrot-cabbage, iceberg, & sriracha.

Brisket tacos $12

Slow-smoked brisket, pasilla sauce, & cheese in 2 grilled corn tortillas. Served with slaw & tots.

Sofacado Burrrrito $12

Pork or chicken, smashed pinto & cheese, w/ chili sauce, pico, & guacamole.


Have your v card?

Sub Mac for burger patty or tots on tacos, nachos, & burritos!

For the puppies

Hazel’s Treat $3

Plain beef patty for your pup. $1 donated to a local animal charity.